Featured on Dancing with Her: TUSCANY TO MIAMI, AN ELOPEMENT


I had been following Laura’s work for a while, and when she dropped a note telling me about an Italian couple who were in town for their honeymoon and wanted an mini styled shoot to celebrate their elopement, my heart fluttered a bit — I knew it was going to be the editorial of my dreams.


The vision was to bring in Tuscany vibes and marry it with Miami beach boho, so Key Biscayne was the perfect backdrop. It was a warm Monday afternoon in Miami’s winter, and that meant zero humidity, cool blue cloudless skies and the warmest breeze on the oceanside. I’m a big fan of the movie (Under the Tuscan Sun) and I thought, if there was ever one thing that I would remember about Tuscany when I visit, it would be the sunflowers of course, but also the endless blue sky and the wispy clouds on a clear day. This, my friends, became the inspiration for the color palette.



The Amalfi suite is reminiscent of the cool blue skies of Miami and that of Tuscany on a clear day. I used handmade paper from Saint Signora and Fabulous Fancy Pants, and mixed a custom blue gray ink and bluish white ink for this suite. White ink on gray handmade paper never looked so good. I just love the delicate deckle, the rough textures and the rawness of handmade paper. This suite has a very calming effect on the eyes, and I personally believe every elopement should feel relaxed as much as possible, so I am quite happy with how it turned out.



We had abundant natural light that afternoon, and it was the perfect beach day. When I met Laura at Crandon Park, we had some cake from Baking Coe, some Italian biscotti from Giulia and Consuelo. The ladies at Amuse Decor had prepared a beach blanket nearby. We all even joked that every Monday should be a beach day - that’s how life should be! I also met Scottie, Laura’s drone, and his buzzing was quite memorable and kept us all amused. One thing about filming on the beach is that there will always be wind, and with my stationery being so delicate we knew we had a to finish taking photos before the wind tries to claim all my stationery for itself (ha!). But Laura was a pro, and was lighting quick, and she was the most relaxed photographer I have ever met. She was just pure joy to work with. Laura, I am ever so grateful for this.

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Concept Design: Chiara from Weddings in Tuscany

Email: info@weddingsintuscany.info

Website: http://www.weddingsintuscany.info/

Instagram: @weddingsintuscany

Hair and Make Up Artists & Beautiful Models: Consuelo and Giulia from Consuelo Makeup & Hair

Email: info@consuelomakeupandhair.com 

Website: http://www.consuelomakeupandhair.com/

Instagram: @consuelomakeup

Furniture: Antonia Fernandez from A-muse Decor & Events

Email: acalzadilla@me.com

Website: http://amusedecor.com/

Instagram: @amuseprops

Stationery & Calligraphy: Jocelle from Inkpush Co

Email: inkpush@gmail.com

Website: https://www.inkpush.co/

Instagram: @inkpushco

Baker: Brenna from Baking Coe

Email: brenjorg5@gmail.com

Website: https://www.bakingcoe.com/

Instagram: @bakingcoebakery

Styling: Michelle Ivette Gomez from Creative Unions

Email: michelle@creativeunionsllc.com 
Website: https://www.creativeunionsllc.com/
Instagram: @creativeunions

Photography & Videography: Laura from Laura Memory Photography & Videography

Email: Lauramemoryphotography@gmail.com

Website: www.lauramemory.com

Instagram: @lauramemoryphotography

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